Welcome to Joe Simon Home Garden Build

Today we are open from 8.30am–5.00pm

Contact us on 071 966 2236 or visit Termon, Boyle

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We Deliver

We schedule deliveries on dates and times that suit our customers.

We mix paint

We expertly mix your chosen colour in any size or paint type.

We cut keys

We can cut most key types to meet your needs.

We offer free quotations

We offer quotes for every job in your home.

We assemble garden furniture

We take the hassle out of product assembly with our on site assembly service.

We offer colour consultancy

Our colour consultant will guide and help you choose the correct colour scheme for your home or room.

We carry out

We carry your purchases to your car.

We cut glass

We cut glass to any size or shape.

We cut timber

We cut all timber types to lengths that suit your needs.

We cut steel

We cut steel to lengths that suit your needs.